Wine Cave

Photographs: Mandy Youngquist

The reclaimed arch in the
wine cave at 99 Bottles Winery
& Vineyard.
The historic Library, front
entrance. Built around the
turn of the century
in Forest City, Iowa. 
In 2010, we added a temperature-controlled wine cave to 99 Bottles Winery.  The wine cave is nearly finished and will eventually hold the bulk of our wine supply.  Cellar-aged wines will be available as well as tours of the cellar.  

The wine cave was constructed using the reclaimed stone archway from the old Historic Library in Forest City.  The Library was constructed around the turn of the century and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Unfortunately, the Library was torn down in 2010, but we managed to salvage a little local history by reusing the archway.  

The stone composing the exteriour of the wine cave is field stone from local farms.  The cave also features roof beams make of re purposed railroad ties.  The cave uses other salvaged architectural materials which combine to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind cave.