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After hosting events from weddings to family reunions, we are retiring from renting our facility. We are thankful for the many many memories made on the vineyard hillsides, in the rustic tasting room and beside our unique wine cave.


The Tasting Room

Once and a while you'll hear one of us slip and call this the "hog house".  Well, that's because it used to be a real, live, hog house.  We remodeled the whole thing a few years ago, so there's no trace of it's previous occupants, but we left all the charm.  Original to the Depression Era farmstead, this building has seen a lot of life.  

The tasting room
is no longer available to rent for events.

M & T

The Wine Cave

In 2010, we added a wine cave to 99 Bottles Winery.  The wine cave extends back 32 feet into the hillside and will eventually hold the bulk of our wine supply.  We would love to offer cellar-aged wines, but have sold out our inventory each year since opening.

The wine cave was constructed using the reclaimed stone archway from the razed public library in nearby Forest City.  The library was built around the turn of the century and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Unfortunately, the Library was deemed beyond repair and became the site of a small city park.  However, we were able to salvage a little local history by reusing the stones from its archway.  


The cave maintains temperatures of about 50-65 degrees year 'round.  

The cave is surrounded by the remains of a pasture fence, grasses and flowers. 

Pricing and Availability

For information on available dates, venue rental fees,
and any other questions,
please contact Mark at 641-425-6003.
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